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SDiaz & Company Drain Cleaning Services

A drain clog (sewer main) can be a serious problem that can cause water and/or sewer damage to your home. SDiaz & Co. has equipment that will help clear your drains before this becomes and emergency, which then would require a plumber.

The water has no place to go when you have clogged drains it will backup into the household plumbing and you should not use any of the plumbing until you have cleared the blockage.

Sometimes your house drain lines, inside and outside, can get clogged even through normal use. If problems occur, you may notice the following issues:

  • Sinks may not drain or may drain very slowly
  • When you flush a toilet, it may back up into your bath or shower area
  • When you run your laundry, you may see a floor drain backup water
  • If you have a basement or slab, sewage and water may back up in your main cleanout, usually located in your utility room
  • If you have main drain cleanout in your yard, you may notice sewage or water backing up outside
  • Garage drains can back up with potential flooding issues
  • Also, drain spouts, foundation tiles and storm sewers can backup

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